Monday, January 16, 2012

"Tangerine Tango"

Three Big Apples
(Daily Paintworks Auction beginning bid $85)

     I had this painting all planned, and when the Challenge was to paint something in THE color for 2012, "Tangerine Tango," I did not have to look far for my subject. It took two yellows, one orange, two reds, and alizarin crimson to get that red.
     I love painting apples in the tree, but this was surprisingly difficult for no known reason, but I kept at it and finally got it to where I said, OK. Then when I photographed it, I could not get the colors to be true. I sacrificed the pale yellow (almost white) background for the red, red apples. In fact, they are even redder than they appear here.
     Even the most familiar jobs can sometimes jump up and say "Boo."