Sunday, March 25, 2012


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     I live in the Sierra Foothills where deer eat everything! But they do not eat daffodils. (I wonder why.) 
     I rarely paint flowers because I am a little inept at it, not because the deer have eaten them all. I simply decided I wanted to practice flower painting and there in my yard were those stalwart daffodils, perky as could be, so they became my subject. Now that I have cut them (killed them), I will have to buy flowers if I am going to practice further which I certainly intend to do.
     Flowers make a lovely picture, but they can turn out quite boring if not done well. I am of the school of thought that it does not matter what you paint if the elements of painting are handled in an exciting, expressive, and beautiful way in order to delight the eye. Here's hoping my flowers will cease to be flowers as such so much as a bunch of beautiful lines, colors, shapes, and values.

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