Saturday, August 11, 2012

Small Scene of Nature

Orchard Bunch
DPW $545

     Many of my recent paintings have been small, as "Daily Paintings," so my collection has become out of balance. To even that out I decided to try for a size I used to like very much, 18x24.
     Now I do not know if it is the size, the subject, the color, or what, but I slaved over this. I was willing to wash it down, but since I worked so hard on it, I can no longer tell if it is really OK or not, and so I decided to let it live.
     This is probably a good decision because I had a specific idea for this painting and it would not cooperate with me. It kept taking over. If it is that way about it, it deserves a chance. Picasso said, "Begin with an idea, but it must be vague."

1 comment:

  1. Oh, but it is wonderful! Love the darkness in the center clump of apples and the contrast of the light in the single apple, so glad you gave it the chance!