Thursday, November 15, 2012

Persimmon Extreme

Persimmon Extreme
DPW $90

     These extreme rectangles are fun to do. Choose to place the subject at the top, bottom, left, or right. I love choices, but not too many. I have not chosen to place the subject in the middle, but if I did, I would then have the choice of horizontal or vertical. The possibilities!
     However you place a persimmon, you will have that fabulous orange color to paint. It can go from pale yellow to deep scarlet. And then there are those goofy little petals at the stem. I find them to be a challenge, but if you get them right, that fruit is none other than a persimmon even if you paint it blue.


  1. Hi Cheryl, I just saw this little persimmon painting on the DPW site and fell in love with your artwork. Your work is amazing!

    1. Hello, Darla. Thank you for your message and kind remarks.