Saturday, February 4, 2012



     Here is Portrait Practice #3, that fine fellow Bill. I worked so hard to get the values right and now I see yet more corrections that should be made. I wanted to practice my value and color and still get the likeness just perfect. I could have worked on it forever. When I saw that I was heading in that direction, I quit and called it finished.
     The human face is fascinating. Most of us have the usual features, but we still look at faces as if we never saw anything like them, especially faces of people we love. There is always something to see, ponder, and cherish.
     Bill has a droopy right eye and when I painted it, he looked funny, but I left it that way.  It is, after all, those little irregularities that give faces their character and, very often, their beauty.

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  1. I like the modeling on this face. Nice and masculine but he has a very kind look to him.