Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Stars & Stripes Cowgirl Angel
Sierra Artisans Craft Pattern

     This is my Independence Day greeting. Happy 4th of July!

     This is one of my craft patterns that I sell on Etsy under my Sierra Artisans label. She is one of ten western-themed figures that I have enjoyed designing over time. It all began with a Cowboy Santa. I thought he would be cute and never expected more from it, but when your imagination is triggered, you don't want to stop it. Now I have a variety of Cowgirl Angels and other seasonal and holiday characters. I like to think of them as a family. The Sheriff is already drawn and Sidekick in taking shape in my head.
     How to find time to finish these ideas and paint every day too! Time--that slippery element. It gets away from me so easily.
     Please visit my website or Etsy to see all the characters.

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