Monday, July 30, 2012

The Rose Challenge

Red Rose
DPW $50

     This week's Challenge is to paint a rose, any way at all. Flowers are not my strength so this Challenge is a good thing.  I could have chosen to paint just a petal or a leaf, but I decided to be very traditional and paint a rose, thorns and all.  How interesting that the thorns really were the color of the rose! I did not know that about thorns. Another bit of fun was painting on a turquoise canvas. Red has become my favorite imprimatura, but experimenting is a must. Generally this was a good time in the studio, but I am disappointed that the front leaf does not glow with sun against the red rose the way it did in real life.


  1. Fabulous! I really enjoy your use of colored grounds but I had never considered turquoise ! Very innovative. It gave a coolness that makes the rose feel substantial. I am so excited Aout the way you paint! May I ask what brushes you use?

    1. Hello, Jennie.

      Thank you for your comments. The brushes I use are stiff bristle brushes, usually Flat. I often buy them at Utrecht or Dick

      I am happy that you enjoy my work. I wish you the very best.