Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Red and Yellow Begonias
DPW $120

     As I have often said, flowers and landscapes are not my best subjects. Yet here I am again giving it another try. So stubborn.
    "Paint the color and value, not the flower." In the first effort, the yellow flower was more interesting than the red one. Stepping back I could tell it was because of two important things: first, the yellow-white paint was fresh, hardly worked or blended at all while the red one was overworked, flat; next, the yellow-white one had shadow because of the light source while the red one was flooded with light rendering it flat to begin with.
     In the second effort, I expanded the shadow around the red one, hoping to give that light source even more presence and hoping for the fresh interest I originally saw in the pale petals.
     I won't even begin to discuss painting the pistils and stamens in the flower centers.


  1. Flowers and landscapes are not your best???? I couldn't disagree more! I think this is one of your best paintings. I love it!

    1. Hello, T.J. Thank you so much for your generous comments.

  2. I have to disagree with are very, very good at flowers!!!!!