Friday, November 24, 2023

637 Gingko

oil on canvas

     "I found this on the web:

'The seed of the Ginkgo is used for food, especially soup, the wood is used for religious furniture, and the leaves and nuts are used for medicine. 

What a tree!

In the painting the colors are somber, and there is hardly any point of interest, just one leaf among many. It was hard to do, and I thought about washing it down, but something told me not to. I am glad I listened because now like it.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Molly Meets the Reindeer

 Molly Meets the Reindeer
Colored Pencil on Paper
about 8x10"

     Around the same time I made my little book, But Not So, I drew this image. Long time ago. I did not have internet readily available then, and I did not know how a reindeer's antlers went actually. I consulted lots of books and I think I did an honest job. It was interesting to learn that the brow tine that goes down the center of his face is only one. It is not a case of a symmetrical pair of antlers.
     I used Piper and Keely from But Not So as my model for Molly. Molly was just as pretty, but I felt that a more recognizable breed was called for here. The image is in honor of Molly, a very good girl.

You can use the link below to buy reproductions of this image from Fine Art America.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

635 Fuyu Family

 Fuyu Family
oil on canvas

     Little orange fruits! I love to paint them. I was so happy to find these at Trader Joe's all carefully packaged so that their crazy little leaves were not scrunched. Sometimes they dry out and break, ruining their perfect beauty for my painting, but not this time. Even when the leaves turn brittle, the fruit still tastes good. I like mine with a wedge of lime.

Friday, November 3, 2023

634 Cameo Crisp

Cameo Crisp
oil on canvas

     When I cut into this apple for lunch, I gasped at the beauty of the colors in its glistening cut surface. So I hurried to take some pictures before I ate it.
     It tasted pretty good. It is a Cameo Crisp (never heard of it before). Fujis are my preferred apple, but I like to try new things, and I am glad I did because it gave me a whole new painting. Thank you.