Friday, November 10, 2023

Molly Meets the Reindeer

 Molly Meets the Reindeer
Colored Pencil on Paper
about 8x10"

     Around the same time I made my little book, But Not So, I drew this image. Long time ago. I did not have internet readily available then, and I did not know how a reindeer's antlers went actually. I consulted lots of books and I think I did an honest job. It was interesting to learn that the brow tine that goes down the center of his face is only one. It is not a case of a symmetrical pair of antlers.
     I used Piper and Keely from But Not So as my model for Molly. Molly was just as pretty, but I felt that a more recognizable breed was called for here. The image is in honor of Molly, a very good girl.

You can use the link below to buy reproductions of this image from Fine Art America.

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