Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lioness with Cub

Lioness with Cub
(Daily Paintworks Auction beginning bid $420)

     A friend went to Africa and brought back so many wonderful pictures of wildlife and landscape. I was lucky that she shared those pictures with me since my own safari is yet to come.
     This photo shows the mother lion with her cub by the scruff and another cub (twins!) trotting alongside. To compose the painting, I had to eliminate the second twin and save him for another painting some day. I wanted this painting to be very vague in all areas except in the faces and paw. Those areas I gave detail to but left the rest of the image almost an abstraction. I also wanted the general color to be analogous with only a little spice color in the detailed sections. 
     With those goals in mind, I think it turned out, but not without two or three false starts.