Friday, November 11, 2011


(Daily Paintworks Auction beginning bid $115)

     Landscapes! If I could learn to paint them, I would have a world of joy at my fingertips. I look around and behold the beauty of the earth. There are paintings just crying out to be done, no end of subject matter for me and my brushes. But success lies just out of reach. I continue to try because I know that if I can make it, I will be a very happy painter.
     These trees are at a park near Beale Air Force Base. I took lots of pictures there. As I said, there are paintings everywhere. I chose this one this time because it was mainly one tree, and the thing I liked about it was the light on the white trunks. I thought if I just stick to those simple parts, I might be a little further along on the road to success.  I wash down so many landscapes. I am going to keep this one.