Friday, April 6, 2012

Flowers #3 Easter Challenge

Flowers #3
Easter Challenge
DPW Auction $50

     What a day I have had! Daily Painting is supposed to be every day, not all day every day. I was surprised to find these lilies in a spring bouquet I picked up at the market.  I thought, Ha! They will be just right for the Easter Challenge. They began to open and look beautiful and dramatic. But after painting them all morning, they just looked like Easter lilies, ho hum. Pretty, but ho hum. Finally I cropped to this and found something I liked. It was hiding behind a fully bloomed Easter lily.
     Happy Easter.


  1. My gosh I could look at your work all day long and comment on each and every painting here. Your work is gorgeous. I love the clean brushwork and the painterly feel to each painting. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Will be looking forward to receiving your emails of your latest masterpieces:-) Happy Easter to you too!

    1. I want thank you for your kind remarks. It means so much.

  2. Awesome abstract. Great harmony! Another wonderful painting.