Saturday, October 29, 2011

Four Red Apples

Four Red Apples
(Daily Paintworks Auction beginning bid $150)

     This poor old canvas. I have painted so many unsuccessful pictures on it and washed them down each time. The threads I love so much in the texture of good canvas are almost smooth now. 
     Sometimes, when I hit a wall, the best thing for me to do is tell myself to just paint something for myself and forget about all the rules and lessons I have been trying to teach myself. And so here is something I will keep on the canvas.
     This morning I heard Tony Bennet on NPR. He said he had been advised to study successful singers, but to not try to imitate them or he would be just another voice in the choir. How hard it is to find your own voice.

     I am pretty happy my Belgian Bangs was chosen as a DPW Pick.