Sunday, October 9, 2011



     What a time I am having! Last Friday I did a demonstration for the Lake Wildwood Art Club. I enjoyed that very much. And then I prepared for the Open Studios Tour this weekend and next. Hoping it goes well for all the artists on the Tour.

     Magnolias is one of my larger paintings although not the largest. I photographed a huge tree in full bloom and had so many images to choose from it was hard to pick one, so I have done two so far and may do more. This was the first one and I like many things about it. At first, I wondered why I was so pleased with it and then realized it is an example of the 25/75% principle--25% warm or cool, high or low value; 75% vice versa. This is mainly a cool, dark image, with the smaller per centage of warm colors and high values. I will try to pay more attention to that principle in all my paintings.